Rav Brevda zt''l - Preperation for the Yomim Noraim - 10 CD Set

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Feel Your Yomim Tovim Come Alive!

Includes 10 CDs

Topics Discussed:

- The Roots of Chodesh Elul

- The true avodah of Chodesh Elul

- The Essence of the Shofar

- .שלשה ספרים נפתחים where will we be written

- An in-depth Explanation of Musaf

- Akeidas Yistzchok: The most Powerful Zechus on Rosh Hashanah

- Teshuva and How it works

- Yom Kippur: The Kedusha of the Day

- Succos - A time together with the shechinah

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Author Hadoan Garav Shlomo Brevda zt"l
Language English
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