Shloime Gertner CD Imagine

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Shloime Gertner CD Imagine

Though it’s been a little over a year since British singer Shloime Gertner released his last hit album Vehiskin, this Chanukah prepare yourself for the next step in Jewish music evolution with Shloime Gertner: Imagine. For the first time in years, a mainstream Jewish album will feature not 2 or 3 but 4 uniquely different and creative English songs including the astounding title track written by world renown composer Yossi Green.

Imagine will take you on a cultural journey spanning 3 languages, Hebrew, English and Yiddish, including breathtaking songs composed by both Pinky Weber and Moti Illowitz. If that is not enough for you, we can round out the list of composers with the likes of Yitzy Waldner, Eli Laufer, Yossi Gurwitz, Dudi Kalish, Yitzchok Rosenthal, Yitzchak Fuchs PLUS a unprecedented duet with Yitzchok. The album produced by the one and only Gershy Moskowitz, features arrangements by Dudi Kalish and some new talent from across the pond, world renown Jess Bailey his partner Graeme Perkins who infused some new sounds never heard of before.

He taught you to Shmeichel, Say Asay and even that the Mishna is poisek az Kol mi Sheoisek, now let him teach you to Imagine and open your mind to the spectacular voice that is Shloime Gertner.

Track Listing:

        1.     Better Place                            
        2.     Moshiach Magia                            
        3.     Sim Shalom                            
        4.     Tantz                            
        5.     Hear My Prayer                            
        6.     Am Hashem                            
        7.     Keili Keili                            
        8.     Beleiv Echad                            
        9.     Shema Yisroel                            
        10.     Song of Moshiach                            
        11.     Imagine

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