Simcha Kanter CD Lag Ba'Omer Live

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Simcha Kanter CD Lag Ba'Omer Live

Lag B'Omer Live is Simcha's second CD, recorded live on Lag B'Omer in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  After the initial release of their first release "Wellsprings", the band has continued to develop a musical style that sets them apart, with this second live release featuring a more up-tempo feel that captures all the excitement of a live concert.
In addition to their usual repertoire of Chabad niggunim, Lag B'Omer Live features three original compositions by Simcha with English lyrics, in addition to a special version of "Bar Yochai" that they arranged for the show.  The jazz-infused rhythm section provides a perfect match for Simcha's catchy arrangements, capturing the authenticity of the niggunim while translating them into a different medium than anything done before.

Several songs from Simcha's first album were featured in films by Jewish Educational Media (JEM), including The Jewish Woman  and One – Chabad's Response to Natural Disaters, and made their way to Jewish and college radio stations all across the country – and Lag B'Omer Live promises to deliver the same.

Track Listing:

        1.     Shalom Aleichem                               
        2.     Vayanchem Lovetach                               
        3.     Avoy B' Gvuros Ad Bli Di                               
        4.     Kol Dodi                               
        5.     Moshiach Now - Ahsreinu                               
        6.     Soldier                               
        7.     Ach L'elokim                               
        8.     Bar Yochai                               
        9.     Sisi V'smichu                               
        10.     Ufaratzta                               
        11.     Nigun Simcha - Emosoy Ka'asi Mar                               
        12.     Face To Face                               
        13.     Al Hasela - Nigun Rikud                               
        14.     Nigun                               
        15.     Nigun Hakafos - V'anachnu Amcho                               
        16.     Fire Of Light                               
        17.     Jewgrass 

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