Tamir Goodman Sport Strings Tzitzit LARGE

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Sport Strings Tzitzit LARGE

Sport Strings is unique because the garment is created out of high-performance athletic materials, offers a compression fit, UV protection, and anti-odor and anti-microbial properties while strictly adhering to the halachos regarding tzitzis. The garment is constructed of two attached lightweight layers with the inner compression layer consisting of the high-performance materials, while the outer layer fulfills the halachic requirements by being a four cornered garment with the majority of the sides open, and consisting of material that is fifty-one percent cotton.

OK Kosher Certification examined four main aspects of the garment to ensure the tzitzis were kosher: the fabric used for the outer garment (the use of synthetic fabrics is questionable for the tzitzis garment); the halachic status of the inner, wicking garment; the openness on the sides to render it a four-cornered garment; and, finally, that the tzitzis were tied according to halacha and that they were placed properly on the corners of the garment.

While Sport Strings are clearly advantageous to athletes, they are also a great option for those less inclined towards athletics. The compression design of Sport Strings fits sleekly under casual and dress clothes contributing to a neater looking appearance. Whether worn during athletics, at school, camp, or at the office, it is my hope that outfitting the Biblical commandment with modern materials and design will help others perform the mitzvah of tzitzis with increased enthusiasm.

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