The Unexpected Road [Hardcover]

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Storied Jewish Lives Around the World

Expectation defeats trust in G-d.

When we expect things, we have the illusion we are in control.
People who cope with the unexpected are spiritually gifted.
People who trust in G-d thrive on the unexpected.
They not only elevate themselves.
They elevate all those around them.
Their lives are one of surprise, struggle, and triumph.

“The Unexpected Road” is filled with inspiring and illuminating stories of spiritually gifted Jews around the world. These stories invite us to nurture our own trust in G-d.

From the back cover:
Hillel Goldberg is a writer of talent and distinction. This collection of human interest stories will surely bring insight and inspiration to all who read it. It will also prove to be of beneficial use for it will make the reader realize that somehow there is more to life and life’s events than “me” and one’s plans and decisions. This is a book well worth reading and contemplating.

Hillel Goldberg is known to a wide circle of readers for his exposition of vital texts and his insights into heroic lives. In his classic study on R. Israel Salanter, both themes met in a work of singular distinction. That he has not surrendered to mediocrity and pretense, while retaining magnetic appeal, is yet another special mark of his, and in this too he has few competitors.

About the author:
Rabbi Hillel Goldberg has been gathering stories of inspired Jewish lives for 45 years.His weekly column in the Intermountain Jewish News, begun in 1972, is perhaps the longest running weekly column in American journalism. His pioneering works on the Musar movement, such as The Fire Within, are recognized as classics. His elucidation of the elusive commentary of the Vilna Gaon on the Code of Jewish Law has earned enthusiastic approbations from leading rabbinic eminences.
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