Yossele Rosenblatt CD Od Yosef Chai Vol. 2

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Yossele Rosenblatt CD Od Yosef Chai Vol. 2

100 years of Jewish Music history in the making. Od Yosef Chai Volume 2 is the second release in the series of restored works of Yossele Rosenblatt, a project that is monumental both in importance as well as in time, money and effort spent.

While others have attempted before to improve the sound quality of Reb Yossele's recordings, none come close in matching the breadth or success of this project. International historical audio restoration experts were extensively consulted throughout the project.

In addition to restoration of the original works, new instrumental and choral pieces were added to supplement and enhance the original recordings. Mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winning people. This CD has a running time of 72 minutes.


Track Listing:

        1.     Hamavdil     Hit!                       
        2.     Ano Avdo     Hit!                       
        3.     Meloch Al Kol Haolam     Hit!                       
        4.     Keili Keili     Hit!                       
        5.     Hashem Moloch     Hit!                       
        6.     Elokai Neshomo                             
        7.     Habet Mishomayim                             
        8.     Vechol Maaminim     Hit!                       
        9.     Ribono She Olam Sefirah                             
        10.     Umipnei Chatoeinu     Hit!                       
        11.     Tikanto Shabbos     Hit!                       
        12.     Birchas Hachodesh

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