Inside Stam [Hardcover]

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An insider reveals the answers to all the questions you should ask when purchasing or maintaining Tefillin, Mezuzos, Megillos, Sifrei Torah and Nevi'im

A Complete Buyer’s Guide

There is virtually no other major purchase in which one is so reliant upon the seller. Here an insider takes us behind the scenes of Sta”m purchasing and maintenance. Because an educated consumer is the best mitzvah observer!

  • For the layman: Simple and clear Q&A format, with color photos and illustrations
  • For the scholar: Comprehensive and authoritative, with extensive Hebrew footnotes

by Rabbi Reuvain Mendlowitz

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Format Hardcover
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Author Rabbi Reuvain Mendlowitz
ISBN 978-1-60091-213-9
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Publisher Israel Bookshop
Language English
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