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Eichler's is proud to carry a wide selection of reputable, high-quality Passover Haggadahs. Choosing the right haggadah for you and your family can make a genuine difference in the way you connect with and understand the Pesach tradition. A Passover haggadah that speaks to you in language that you understand helps to truly immerse you in the experience of our ancestors, bringing you closer to the true meaning and significance of the holiday. At Eichler's, we give you a choice of hundreds of popular Passover haggadahs, helping you choose the best one for your particular needs. Our collection includes Passover haggadahs in both English and Hebrew. Read more...

We Have a Great Family Haggadah Collection

A Family Haggadah is an excellent choice for families who wish to involve everyone, both young and old, in the haggadah reading. Encouraging participation from all members of the family, a family haggadah is an invaluable learning tool for young children, and provides a great way to establish a Pesach tradition that incorporates fun, togetherness and learning.

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