The History of Eichlers

In March of 1977, a young man fresh out of Kollel was approached by his father, Rabbi Zvi Eichler with an interesting proposition. Having been in Chinuch for over 30 years, Rabbi Eichler decided to purchase a small Judaica store on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. As a person whose primary enjoyment was studying Torah – the store was an opportunity to be involved daily, in the world he loved most. His son, Meyer, who was good with numbers and had a vision of expansion, was a natural person to run and develop this new acquisition. With energy and great goals, and in a house scholar, Eichlers was born. Over the next many years Eichlers brought the world of Judaica into the 20th century. The timing was just right – the post war generation of children was beginning to marry and the Jewish population was poised for growth. Eichlers introduced new ideas, based on display, customer service and technology to serve the Jewish marketplace as never before. In 1996 Eichlers moved into it’s current superstore location, still on Coney Island avenue utilizing cutting edge design, expanded hours and technology to make the shopping experience enjoyable and memorable. Also in 1996 as the Internet was just starting was created. Today under the guidance of Meyer & Leah Eichler – a new generation of Eichlers led by Shlomi Eichler continues the tradition. Integrity, customer service and utilization of the most current technology has kept Eichlers at the forefront of retail Judaica in the US and abroad. We look forward to continue serving the needs of the Jewish community as the world of Torah Judaism grows with the hope of the ultimate redemption of Moshiach.
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