Voice of Rejoicing and Salvation on Megillas Esther [Hardcover]

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Voice of Rejoicing and Salvation on Megillas Esther [Hardcover]

Megillas Esther is the story of how the hand of Divine Providence works behind the scenes to guide the destiny of the Jewish People, chastising them when necessary while at the very same time setting the stage for their eventual salvation.

Presented here is a full English translation of the profound commentary on Megillas Esther by the famed Maggid of Dubno. The maggid, whose 200th Yahrzeit occurred on 17 Teves 5765 (29 December 2004), was legendary Torah scholar and orator. The Maggid's commentary on Esther brings out the Megillah's message in a powerful and moving way, filled with brilliant insights and the engaging parables that are the maggids trademark.

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Format Hardcover
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Author The Maggid of Dubno
ISBN 978-1-58330-781-8
Trans By David Zucker
Dimensions 6 3/4" x 9 5/8"
Publisher Feldheim
Language English
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