Facets of Eternity [Hardcover]

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An Exploration of 7 Intriguing Topics in Jewish Thought

What portion of the Torah did our forefathers observe before the Torah was given?
When is reward for observance of mitzvos given here, in this world? 
What should our attitude be towards the suffering of wicked people? 
Do Chazal have the authority to forbid that which the Torah explicitly permits?
Is the Written Torah more important than the Oral Law?

These are some of the intriguing questions posed in Facets of Eternity, a detailed yet accessible exploration of hundreds of classical Torah sources by R' Yoram Bogacz, author of Genesis and Genes. Facets of Eternity guides the reader through the vast repositories of Torah knowledge, such as Talmud, midrashim, and the writings of rabbinic authorities throughout the ages, in order to discover the answers to fascinating but seldom-explored topics in Jewish thought.

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