Shai Barak's Orchestra CD Wedding Hits

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Shai Barak's Orchestra CD Wedding Hits

Shai Barak- Profile

Musician, singer, producer, creator, composer, who worked with the best Chassidic singers and works with the greatest musicians in Israel and abroad.

Producer of the popular discs "Partish" and responsible for many big hits of the finest singers in Israel and abroad.
Writes and composes many "jingles" of the largest companies in the market and the creator of many opening tunes of popular radio stations and TV shows.

Shai along with his father , Avi Barak, writes the popular music books "Shirim VeGiytara" which are popular among all guitar players in Israel. All together they wrote over 36 music books.

Shai was awarded for his musical arrangements in the "people of the year" contest by "Kol Chai" radio.

This latest production features the latest wedding hits & includes many popular Chassisdc superstars.


Track Listing:

        1.     Hofachta With Adi Ran     Hit!                       
        2.     Rock Medley / Hu Yiftach     Hit!                       
        3.     Yerav     Hit!                       
        4.     Maaminim     Hit!                       
        5.     Lemalo With Yoni Shlomo     Hit!                       
        6.     Shehecheyonu With Mendi Jerufi     Hit!                       
        7.     Melech With Yishai Lapidot     Hit!                       
        8.     Zochreini Na With Yishai Lapidot     Hit!                       
        9.     Eishes Chayil     Hit!                       
        10.     Funky Medley / Sameach     Hit!                       
        11.     Siman Tov     Hit!                       
        12.     Ben Bag Bag     Hit!                       
        13.     Asher Bara     Hit!                       
        14.     Yehey With Eli Gerstner     Hit!                       
        15.     Kol Hamisameach     Hit!                       
        16.     Kol Dodi     Hit!                       
        17.     Mi Keamcho     Hit!                       
        18.     Tirkedu     Hit!                       
        19.     Yoidi With Avremi Roth     Hit!                       
        20.     Bemidas Horachamim     Hit!                       
        21.     Ashrei Mi     Hit!                       
        22.     Ki Ato Hu Melech With Udi Ullman     Hit!                       
        23.     Av Horachamon Shema Koleinu With Mendi Jerufi     Hit!    






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