Torah Study (H/C)

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Torah Study (H/C)

A Survey of Classic Sources on Timely Issues

"O how I have come to love your Teaching; it is my meditation all the day." (Psalms 119:97) These words of King David are an expression of the unique devotion of the Jew to the study of Torah. "Torah Study" is the first sefer to offer a comprehensive examination of the classic halachic and agadic sources on the mitzvah of Torah study and related issues. Throughout, the reader is presented with challenging questions which were discussed by our great sages through the generations: Why does the Torah, which emphasizes the performance of deeds, give Torah study so central a role? What does it mean to study Torah lishmah? And what is the attitude of the Torah to the study of secular wisdoms? "Torah Study" also cites the various halachic opinions on issues of practical concern to the student of Torah, such as the question of earning a livelihood, the duty to teach others, and the recommended curriculum which one should pursue. This book is useful to student and educator alike. The reader will gain new insights to deepen his understanding of the mitzvah of talmid Torah. This work has received the endorsement of outstanding Torah authorities in Eretz Yisrael and America.
by Yehudah Levi

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