Torah with Commentary - Bamidbar Hebrew/Russian

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Torah with Commentary - Bamidbar Hebrew/Russian


The fourth book of Torah and the Weekly Haftorah with commentary based on Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Ramban, Sforno and others.

The book covers the forty years of the Jews sojourn in the desert, which had two goals: to forge the people's spirit, and to prepare them for their arrival in the land of Israel. These goals account for the two censuses taken of the Jews, which explains the book's title. The first census took stock of the people's spiritual state, the second counted the number of warriors. The book's chapters illustrate the difficulty of attaining the goals set before the Jews.

Format: 5x7 Paperback 392 pp.
Language: Hebrew/Russian
ISBN 10: 965-293-029-6
ISBN 13: 978-965-293-029-3
Publisher: F.R.E.E. Publishing House and SHAMIR

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